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Unnati Bagga

Here's what I'm best at...

Social Media Marketing

It is beyond Facebook and Instagram. Trust me! You need to blend in the right graphics and copies to drive traffic to your website and I precisely help you with that!

Influencer Management

There has to be a single influencer that you follow. That is exactly what I leverage. Choose and pick the most 'in-demand' influencers and help brands to invest in marketing that curate bonds.

Community Building

I have a community of 700+ content curators. I know what it means to start a community from scratch. I have done it for myself and I can do it for you!

LinkedIn Strategy

How about getting leads even while you sleep. I help you make your LinkedIn account a lead generation machine by curating content that speaks for itself!


Want to sky-rocket your revenue? Well, I have got you covered.
I have helped my clients scale their online/offline business with the power of ads.


Less words, no gibberish. That is what I do when it comes to copywriting. I mix marketable words to render highly convertible copies for your business.

Clients - Who trust me!


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The Content Community

By Unnati Bagga

A community over WhatsApp with 600+ astounding curators discussing and sharing ideas that are worth being converted into an e-book or a freelance journal.

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Freelance content writing Bootcamp

By Unnati Bagga

No, I am not going to teach you grammar over here - I am going to teach you all about the content writing business!

Here's a free snippet of how to get started with content writing..

If you are ready to shift your mindset and earn while you sleep with the power of words, storytelling and expression - Then hit the 'Join Now' button given below!

What will you learn?

  • Content Writing - Find Your Niche, Write Your First Content Piece And Market It

  • Act Like A Professional - How To Send Emails, Charge 50% In Advance And Send Invoices

  • Steps In Your Journey - How To Pitch Get Your First 5 Clients And Get Testimonials

  • Personal Branding - How To Establish Yourself As A Writer And Attract Clients While You Are Sleeping

  • How To Grow As A Writer - Skills That Helped Me Earn In Lakhs!

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Unlimited Leads for content writing course

By Unnati Bagga

Do not chase clients offering shitty prices. Invest in this masterclass to find 15 ways in which you can generate leads as a content writer (100% organically).

What will you learn?

  • 10 Untapped Online Platforms to source Leads

  • Hacks to source bulk leads from Social Media

  • Use LinkedIn for generating leads

  • Tools to automate lead generation and client conversions

  • Email templates that got me 6 figure clients

  • Optimising personal brand to get leads while sleeping

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Last Webinar

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    • Topic: LinkedIn Webinar

    • Time: Jun 14, 2020 06:00 PM India

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    • Meeting ID: 879 2182 5621

    • Password: 745721

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    Thank you for Registering!

    Thank you for Registering!

    Unlock the power of LinkedIn

    Founders, freelancers, Consultants - You cannot ignore the massive reach that LinkedIn has!

    It is one of the most amazing platforms to get more business and rock your accounting books.

    Here is How I can help you!

    I have created a 6-figure freelancing business with the help of LinkedIn only. I know what it takes to go beyond the followers and likes and build an empire!

    So if you wish to master personal branding, land collaborations and get clients on auto-pilot then you have come at the right place!

    Who can come in?

    • Founders - Want to create a personal brand, meet your first/next investor or sell your service/product? Then this consultation is for you.

    • Coaches - Hey coach, want to grow your business and your personal brand at the same time? Then this consultation is for you.

    • Freelancers - Still earning in peanuts but want to grow exponentially? Then this consultation is for you.

    What will be covered

    • LinkedIn Profile Audit

    • 10 Steps to Optimize Your Profile

    • How to generate Unlimited Post Ideas

    • How to generate Unlimited Story Ideas

    • First Message Templates

    • 100 Pointers Cheatsheet To Master LinkedIn

    Who am i

    I am Unnati, the queen of organic growth. I started my journey 3 years back and since then - I have worked with 100+ brands and professionals to help them grow online

    But you don't have to trust me, you have to trust the people who have taken my consultation calls.


    They did it and so can you!

    Limited seats.

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    Listen, I hope you know this - This work requires dedication. You will not just be investing money but also your time. So fill this form only if you know you will give your 100%

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